Hello Guys! I am soo Excited to introduce ACCRA POP UP SPA to my lovely clients in Accra which will be Scheduled 1(once) every 4-6 Weeks. Which began on the 3rd December,2021 at the MAKEUP GHANA STUDIO at TSE ADDO behind Trade Fair

Upcoming Event dates

  1. 5th Feb,2022
  2. 5-6th March,2022
  3. 1st-2nd May 2022
  4. Next Dates TBA………..

We will be offering all your favorite  treatments like Chemical Peels & Facials with add-ons such as Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion & Microneedling for skin issues such as Acne & Dark Spots (Pigmentation), Large Pores & Textured Skin. Kindly go through Steps 1-3 and let us know if you have any Questions with WhatsApp link below.

Accra Pop-up Spa requires Video Consultation Booking ₵100 that will help your Aesthetician Recommend Skincare Products,diet, lifestyle tips & changes depending on your Skin concerns goals & what your skin needs to be transformed.


After Video Consultation, Product Application Routine(s), diet & Lifestyle tips will be curated to help heal & transform your Skin. Peel Preparation Kit is very Crucial & Important before getting Advanced treatments such as Chemical Peels & Micro needling.

Prepare to purchase your Set of Skin Preparation Products from ₵(2000-3000). 

Click here for Peel Prep Kit(s) 

Delivery at a fee.


Prepare to get your treatment done on the dates listed on our upcoming ACCRA POP-UP SPA events.

Click here for Advanced Treatment(s) Pricelist

NB: If you were NOT able to Prep your face(skin) for Advanced Treatments (Chemical Peels & Microneedling) with the Skin Prep Kit(s) ie (STEP 2) before the next Scheduled Accra Pop-Up Spa date, you can opt for Consultation, Skin Analysis & Facials so you can get Advanced Treatments during the next Scheduled Accra Pop-Up Spa event.

For further Enquiries, Kindly use this WhatsApp link