MONTARBO SKINCARE Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment


Dramatically improves the appearance of skin quickly, allowing our clients to achieve a brighter, tighter, and more youthful-looking complexion at home.

Imagine looking in the mirror each morning feeling more and more excited by the transformation you see in your skin. The truth is, when the skin receives the right amount of active ingredients, you can easily achieve your skincare goals, transforming your skin so that it appears bright, beautiful, and more youthful-looking.

Our NEW Advance Lactic Brightening Treatment instantly exfoliates the skin so that it glows with clarity and confidence—beyond what you dreamed was possible at home. The treatment works on most skin concerns from blemishes to pigmentation, to sun-damage, and aging skin. It allows you to achieve multiple benefits in one easy-to-use treatment when applied a few times a week or as often as exfoliation is desired.

Deliciously smoother and beautiful skin ready to face the world with little to no makeup, starts here.

With regular use, Our ALBT helps improve multiple skin concerns at once so you can confidently appreciate your skin, beauty and age.


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MONTARBO SKINCARE Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment

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